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    Artificial lighting

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    PLX - HPS lamp

    485.43 $ $AUD
    Designed for maximum longevity of internal components

    PLX - Metal Halide lamp

    361.44 $ $AUD
    Designed for maximum longevity of internal components

    HortiLED MULTI lamp

    0.00 $ $AUD
    An LED solution that enables highly controlled plant growth in multi-layer applications with limited daylight, and industry-leading efficiencies

    HortiLED TOP lamp

    0.00 $ $AUD
    A highly versatile LED top-lighting solution that offers unrivalled lighting performance and energy efficiencies

    HSE NXT2 lamp

    490.31 $ $AUD
    The pinnacle of 1,000W horticultural fixture design. This HPS lamp takes into account not only the most advanced electronic driver, but utilizes a brand new cast aluminum body. Designed for years of maintenance free operation and no detail has been overlooked.

    HSE NXT-LP lamp

    600.98 $ $AUD
    Engineered specifically for low ceiling applications. The fixture’s ultra low-profile design lends itself ideally to close-to-ceiling mounting, to allow for more space between the fixture and the surface of the crop in facilities where ceiling height is limited.

    Artificial lighting

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