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    List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    1. I already have an account with GHL, can I put my shopping online on my account?

    Yes, you must contact us to establish the link with your account, if it's not already. Then after you log in and you have made your purchases, with the release of the basket, you must register your number. purchase order (PO) that's it!


    2. I am a technical member of the company, I determine the needs, but I do not carry myself purchases. Do you have a procedure for this?

    Yes, we have thought of you! When studying your needs, when your choice is made, you can add the item to your list of needs.

    Once you have completed your list of needs, you can ship it to responsible business purchases that will make the purchase.


    3. How to compare products?

    To compare products you have to add to Compare (button appears in each product).

    Once added you can compare products by pressing the button "Compare Products" to the right of the search box.

    Please note that the comparison is only available on the displays with sufficient resolution. Certain phone / tablet does not offer the possibility of using the comparator.


    4. Can I open an account and put my purchases on my account?

    If your account is already open at GHL: contact us and we will activate the payment option on P.O.

    If you do not have an account: direct you to the CREDIT APPLICATION section to complete your application, Once your account is open, you can put your purchases on your account.

    Please note that :
    • Your account must be current and meet the parameters of your line of credit to be used.
    • You are responsible for all purchases made through the site with your personal identification number.


    5. I'm already a business relationship with you and have specific agreements do I access my arrangements via your website?

    Yes! Contact us by phone or email for more details.


    6. The payment methods are limited on your site, why?

    The payment methods are limited on our professional website in order to limit costs and thus be more efficient and make you enjoy the best price.