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    See the Measuring Instruments / pH and Electrical Conductivity section for details on the new EC Pocket Meter, ECOTestr® CTS (EC, TDS and Salinity) and ECOTestr® pH2 + Pocket Meter from the manufacturer OAKTON!
    Take advantage of a bundled purchase allowing you to order a small quantity of plastic boxes for tomatoes (15lbs) at volume price. Order online before March 15, 2018! Delivery after April 15, 2018
    Tank adapters, solution aerators, irrigation devices, measuring instruments, pipe saddles, a small battery sprayer and several other liquidation products have been added!
    Holiday schedule: For the Christmas and New year period, our offices and our shipping department will be closed starting December 25th to January 2nd.(we will be back in the office January 3th for all your requests. Please note that even if our offices are closed, you can order online but shipping will only be possible from January 3, 2018. Season's Greetings Our best wishes for 2018! There is no better moment to thank you all and to wish you, your families and colleagues our most sincere holiday wishes and a New Year filled with joy, health and prosperity. From all of us at GHL Inc
    Organic and conventional greenhouse vegetable seed varieties such as greenhouse tomato seeds, greenhouse pepper seeds, greenhouse lettuce seeds, greenhouse cucumber seeds and herbal seeds have been added!
    Low unit cost items such as vegetable seeds were revised to display 4 decimal after decimal point. It is possible that some other items that do not require such a precise display are also displayed with 4 decimal places, but we are working on resetting the display to 2 decimal places.
    Polyethylene greenhouse cover films of Polyaclear brand (Agripolyane manufacturer) 16 ', 21', 32' and 42' wide were added!
    Controlled release fertilizers and clearance sale greenhouse irrigation parts have been added!
    Several sprinkers mini-Wobbler® & Wobbler® for sprinkler irrigation in nursery, garden center or greenhouse have been added!
    Several tensiometers with dial or can be connected to a control device such as a computer have been added! The "MLT" and "LT" models are usually used for horticultural use in greenhouses (in substrate) while "SR" models are used in fields (in open ground).