Argus Logic Designer

Sainte-Hélène de Bagot, Canada

* Position offered in Canada only

Is this a position for you ? 

You are interested in programming. You have an interest in the management of climate, humidity, and greenhouse systems. You have knowledge and interest in plant biology.

You have above average math skills and a logical mind.

Those are the essential premises for this position.

We offer additional in-company training !
Argus programming for greenhouse control goes much further than simple logic programming. You must design logics that take into account the climatic masses, the cultural objectives and the mechanics of greenhouses. We have a well-established knowledge of these fields of competence and will assist you in your learning.

Position can be 100% in business or partially in business

Expected start date : immediate

Tasks description:

• Design and program logics of operations in greenhouses
• Assist customers in developing their own operating logic
• Provide training to current users of the Argus system
• Support installers during the commissioning of new systems
• Perform maintenance of system inputs and outputs
• Take data for updating plans
• Validate operations after setting up logics

Academic training

  • • Minimum academic training
    - General Collegiate

  • • Training
    - College training specializing in programming
    - College training specializing in production and climate management
    - University training in agronomy
    - University education in biology

Skills required

  • Have strong logical skills
  • Have strong mathematical skills
  • College education
  • Climatic knowledge – Humidity management – Thermal mass
  • Be precise, methodical and structured
  • Have good numeracy and math skills
  • Able to work in a team
  • Be dynamic and have an ability to communicate
  • Have a clearly above average fluency with computer systems

Interesting additional skills

  • Bilingual (French/English)
  • 5 years as manager in greenhouses, cultivation or greenhouse systems
  • 10 years as manager in greenhouses, cultivation or greenhouse systems
  • 5 years in climate programming
  • 10 years in climate programming
  • Academic training in electricity or electronics at college level
  • Computer skills: networking, software installation
  • Know the field of greenhouses and especially climate management and irrigation
  • Knowledge of Argus Controls software
  • Training in agronomy or plant biology


Opportunities for learning and advancement

Continuous training

Group Insurance

Work-family balance



Monday to Thursday 8h-17h

Friday 8h-16h

Lunch 12h-13h

Hours on site : may vary


On-site training

Part time : 20h / week

Full time : 39h / week

Location: 20-100% in company

0-80% in telework

The % of teleworking depends on the autonomy and experience of the resource


$17 to $24/h
(according to experience and qualifications)

+ attendance bonus of $1/h

+ site bonus of $2/h

+ reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses depending on the location of the work