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    About us


    It was in the basement of the Ledoux family home that Groupe Horticole Ledoux was founded in August of 1992. From its very beginning GHL specialized in the distribution of greenhouse supplies for the production of vegetables and ornamentals.

    In 1993, GHL expanded its distribution range to the Mexican market and in 1995 to the US. In 1997, due to its constant growth, GHL re-localized its headquarters to the municipality of Sainte-Hélène de Bagot and proceeded to expand its facilities three times, first in 1998, followed by a second in 2000 and a third in 2009..

    Proud of its constant growth and eager to maintain a quality of services above market standards, in 2002 GHL implanted the ISO 9001 quality

    standard system. Being mainly in the distribution of products, our quality

    policy is one of offering services above and beyond industry standards.

    In June of 2002, continuing on their momentum, GHL implanted itself in Mexico, in order to better serve this market.

    Groupe Horticole Ledoux is proud to have a team of 15 to 30 employees, dedicated to offering their knowledge, know-how and an above-standard customer service.



    Our mission is to satisfy our customers throughout the various stages of the buying process.

    Our main goals are a professional and appropriate customer service, a proper use of the right product for a specific use, thus enabling us to set ourselves apart from other suppliers as the best supply source in the industry.

    Our quality policies are to offer services above and beyond industry standards, in terms of choice of products, quality of information, logistics and finally in the follow-up of current and future needs of our customers and of the industry in general.



    Owners of greenhouses, being both fine administrators and highly knowledgeable horticulturists, do most of the sourcing and purchasing of products and equipment needed for their production themselves. In doing so, they are always concerned and constantly on the look-out for ways of optimizing the quality of their crops. They know they can rely on the knowledge and competence of GHL.

    At GHL we take to heart the satisfaction of our clients and their loyalty is our reward.



    You can put your trust in our team of expert advisers.

    At GHL, customer satisfaction is our priority. You can rely on our team of specialists, who are always willing to offer all of their agronomical knowledge and the best of their technical know-how.

    Our technical consultants are trained to understand your needs and give you all the support required in order to help you choose the right product or service for your specific needs.

    All of our team has been trained