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    Water soluble fertilizer


    Performa Globalys™ water soluble fertilizers are manufactured at our plant in Canada with high quality ingredients and are perfectly soluble. All our + formulations contain 3 types of chelated iron that are available for absorption over a wide pH scale.

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    Soluble Mix 1-0-0 micronutrients 10kg

    168.33 $CAD
    Chelated micronutrient mix

    Soluble Mix 6-11-31+ 15kg

    From 58.57 $CAD
    Greenhouse vegetables

    Soluble Mix 8-20-32 forest 15kg

    From 54.42 $CAD
    Young forest trees paver

    Soluble Mix 10-52-10 15kg

    From 63.12 $CAD
    High phosphorus

    Soluble Mix 11-42-9 forest 15kg

    From 61.02 $CAD
    Young forest trees paver

    Soluble Mix 13-0-45+ 15kg

    From 58.48 $CAD
    Potassium nitrate with micronutrients

    Water soluble fertilizer

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