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Prewound hooks quote

  • Prewound hooks manufactured in our facility since over 20 years. 
  • Constant tension and continuous winding accuracy.
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Fruit trays quote

  • Offered black as standard color. Other colors on request.  
  • Several sizes available.
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Fertilizer quote

  • Single element fertilizers or blended fertilizers manufactured in our facility.  
  • Ask us to blend your own formulation! We can blend, tested and validated.

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Cleaning products quote

  • Line of disinfectant and cleaning products developped with a manufacturer having over 100 years of experience, especially for the greenhouses industry.
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Greenhouse covering quote

  • Plastic sheets or tubes from Klerk's/Hyplast cut to length in our facility.
  • Installation offered on request for customer located in Quebec, Canada.

Ground cover quote

  • Ground covers for greenhouses and nurseries.
  • Tons of it imported each year.
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Substrate quote

  • Coconut slabs such as our Performa Globalys Dual Tek dual layer blend brand.
  • Grodan rockwool products.
  • Oasis cubes for leaf grower and ornamental crops.
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Heating/cooling poly tube quote

  • Heating or ventilation poly tubes in polyethylene.
  • Duct socks cut to length.  
  • Tubes could be custom punched to your need.